Night Vision Devices

  1. Monocular Affordable segment MIR240 

    IR Resolution: 240*180

    FOV:- 24*18 degree
    Digital zoom:- 1x to 8x
    Spectral Range:- 8-14μm
    Focus: – Fixed | NETD:- 60mk@30DegC.
    Pallet:- Black/white/amber/red/iron
    Working time:- 6 hour | IP 66
    Working Temp:- (-) 10 to +50 deg.C.
    Target Detection:- 320m (human) | 450m (Vehicle) [Recognition:- Detection/2]

  2. Monocular Professional Segment MIR384

    IR Resolution: 384*288
    FOV:- 25*19 degree
    Digital zoom:- 1x to 4x
    Spectral Range:- 8-14μm
    Focus:- Fixed | NETD:- 60mk@25DegC.
    Pallet:- Black/white/amber/red/iron
    Working time:- 5 hour | IP 66
    Working Temp:- (-) 20 to +50 deg.C.
    Image Transmission:- Wi-Fi real time


    IR Resolution:- 640*512
    FOV 18°×15° LENS:35MM
    Digital zoom 2X,3X,4X
    Pallet:- Polarity Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Cold Red Cross hair/Hot spot tracking/Laser Indicator/Picture – in-picture/Ranging Live transmission through WIFI, APP real-time browsing, recording, photographing, playback and other operations on smart phone Screen 1024*768 Color screen Detection distance: Human 2100M/Vehicle 2520M (Recognition = Detection/3)

  4. Night Vision Binoculars BTH640

    IR Resolution:- 640*480
    Magnification:- 2.5x-20x
    Battery Life:- 7 hours single charge
    IP 67 | Real time video sharing

  5. IR Body Cam with video transmission BCT-01

    1080p Video | 64MP Image quality
    >120 degree wide angle FOV
    Builtin 32GB SD Card
    3500mAh batter
    Night Imagery


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