Megh Robotics

Megh Robotics, a Unit of Scraptechies Solutions Private Limited is a Tech startup, At present, we are incubated and funded by the IIT-Patna incubation center and i-Hub, we initiated our innovative journey on 2018, with a vision to develop advanced surveillance technologies and quality products at an affordable price. Along with that by taking up various research projects, joint projects with government organizations, and also with educational institutions. With a mission to develop the startup ecosystem and promote innovation among the youth. We are always open to collaborations and channel partnerships.

Counter Drone System
Drones for various applications
Night Vision Devices
Drone Light Show


  • Integrated advance technology designed to deliver a portable and easy to use system to neutralize unauthorized drones entering a secured perimeter. (Covered with a Pelican hard case for weather and protection).
  • Pro mode:- 360 smart Neutralizing

  • Commercials:- Targeting Indian market the product is very cost effective in comparison to other foreign category, as it is “Made in India”

  • Application:- Perimeter protection, governemt building / offices, heritage building, officials / minister’s vehicles, Airports, stations etc.


APPLICATION:- Surveillance | Multispectral | Aerial Mapping

Compatible with numerous payloads

  • Being a platform of ultra-light, long endurance and multiple applications, this aircraft can be employed for various missions with corresponding equipment including aerial photography, mapping and surveying, MULTISPECTRAL , surveillance, military supervision and geoexploration etc. Custom aircrafts are also available.

Agriculture Drone Solutions (6L spraying | compact system)

  • small agriculture Drone solution specially designed for lightweight spraying needs.
    Effective capacity is 6L, adopts quick-release tank & battery, Compact body, Light weight,
    Optional fixed height radar, FPV camera etc, it is the first choice for entry-level agriculture drone


Model Name

  • MRUAV30xcam (Day Camera)

    10x optical zoom lens 3x digital zoom | 4 MP | 2K video recording, Aperture:- f1.8-2.5

  • MRUAV-640

    Array format/Pixel pitch:- 640×512 / 12um Thermal | Frame rate:- 50Hz | Frame rate:- 50Hz(PAL)/60Hz(NTSC) | Palette:- Black/white hot, rainbow, Thermal, etc.

  • MRUAV-384

    Array format/Pixel pitch:- 384*288,17 μm, IR night vision | Frame rate:- 50Hz | Image zoom:- PAL display ×1-×4 (step 0.1), BT1120 no enlarge

Night Vision Devices

Monocular Affordable segment MIR240

  • IR Resolution: 240*180 | FOV:- 24*18 degree 

Monocular Professional Segment MIR384

  • IR Resolution: 384*288 | FOV:- 25*19 degree


  • IR Resolution:- 640*512 | FOV 18°×15° LENS:35MM 

Night Vision Binoculars BTH640

  • IR Resolution:- 640*480 | Magnification:- 2.5x-20x 

IR Body Cam with video transmission BCT-01

  • 1080p Video | 64MP Image quality | >120 degree wide angle FOV 

Drone Light Show

We offer both Indoor & out Door Light Shows using drones. Customize it based on your wish it can be used for birthdays, marriage proposals, Advertising events, National Celebrations. (We perform outdoor shows with our partner firm).
Starting offers from 10 drones to 40 drones (for both indoor and outdoor shows | drone weights below 200 grams each | Flight height up to 20 feet | Show time within 10 minutes | Perfect for small gathering and personal events | Time Frame: – 2 – 6 weeks)


Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands

Fog Penetration System | Smart Vision

The ASVtech will be an ultimate solution and will reduce the chance for railway accidents significantly. Coming with a vision range of up to 1.5 Km

USV System

Advanced USV System for Water Quality Monitoring, Surveillance, Waste Extraction & protection from Oil Spill


Incubation Centre, IIT Patna, Amhara Road, Bihta, Patna, Bihar- 801103

Open Hours:

Mon-Sat: 11am – 8pm